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Can Falling In Love Make You Gain Weight?

When we are in love, naturally we will gain weight

Truth: Falling in love makes us fat

When you are single, your life revolves around yourself, your schedule your time, your goals and objectives and your own satisfaction. When you become smitten by that special someone, things change drastically.

You first capture each other’s attention, go on dates, then you start to wonder to yourself where has this person been all this while and how you managed to live so long without this person. Everything starts to change, your schedule includes another person’s time and plans. Your life will never be the same again, enjoying each other’s company at every possible moment and you never want to sleep alone again.

Unfortunately, there is evidence backed by studies that throws a wrench in the notion that happy relationships is always beneficial for one’s health.

2 reasons for weight gain when you are in love

You no longer need to impress suitors

When you fall in love and you believe that you found your significant other half, you tend to pile on the pounds because you no longer need to impress potential suitors.

Your collection of “dress-to-kill” clothes are chucked behind the closet and you find yourself more comfortable with a pair of pull-string jeans while putting on a few inches around your waistline because you are blissfully in love.

Your time spent with food increases

When you are in love, you tend to plan more time for dates, and dates definitely involves eating! From quick breakfasts before heading for work to a romantic candlelight dinner, you will find your plans revolve more around food compared to your single days.

When you make plans for short getaway trips, most of the time you will find yourself stopping often to try out new food along the way. In fact, a simple taco tastes wonderfully good when you are in love even though you have it for breakfast during your single days.

Myth of gaining weight when in love is true

I don’t have problems with my weight. I don’t change weight but I think when you are gaining in age your position has to be beautiful

Carine Roitfield

New couples tend to spend more time outside compared to seasoned couples, which often means fewer healthy meals and times spent sipping on cocktails while gazing into each other’s eyes. While this is sweet and romantic, these new infatuations also mean weight gain and increase of other health problems on top of those that you may already have.

Another reason that happy couples gain weight is because they are less motivated to maintain their weight when they don’t need to attract a mate. Single people tend to be overly cautious of their appearance most of the time in order to catch attention of others around them, but when you are in love, this no longer matters. Your mind and heart is fully occupied with your partner, you don’t give two hoots about how others around you look at you anymore.

While gaining weight being in love is a good sign of happiness, it is also a red flag to remind us that we ned to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be able to live longer and happier with our partner. How do we control our body weight while being happily in love?

3 ways to keep weight gain checked while being blissfully in love

Waistline increment when in love is a sign of happiness

If you eliminate the junk food, you don’t really run the risk of getting weight if you have got a good workout routine

Joe Bastianich

Exercise Together

It can begin with a simple walk after dinner, and progress to running marathons together or even planning for hiking as road trips instead of your normal holidays.

If you have kids together and the kids are preventing you from leaving the house, try exercise videos from Youtube. The kids might even join in the fun and it becomes a family affair.

Every weight loss plans in the world revolves around one common thing – working out and controlling your food intake. There are no shortcuts, no other ways. You can make it work by doing it together.

Choose healthier snacks

When it is time to stay in, stock your place with healthy snacks made up of fruits, vegetables and nuts instead of chips, fries, and other unhealthy snacks.

You can be working out 8 hours a day yet if you do not control your food intake, the workout goes to waste. You end up back in square one.

Eat Out Less

When you dine out, you do not have control on what goes into your food. Restaurants are a heaven for excess fat and salt, which is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain.

Home cooked meals are the best form of control on your food intake. You can determine the best recipe to cook for your partner (out of the millions of recipe available online according to different diet requirements). You have absolute control the amount of sugar, salt, and oil that goes into preparing the food.

By dining in at home, you determine how your lifestyle will be and by setting a good example to your partner, eventually both of you will work towards the same goal of eating healthily.

After a lifetime of gaining and losing weight, I get it. No matter how you slice it, weight loss comes down to the simple formula of calories in, calories out

Valerie Bertinelli

Don’t forget your routine health checks from your doctors as well.

This is another sign of caring for each other as well as keeping each other accountable for health goals before even considering the next phase of life – getting married.

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